Personal Watercraft "PWC" Parts & Accessories

Personal Watercraft Parts & Accessories

Although there were some early “water scooters” as far back as the 1950s, the first modern Personal Watercraft (PWC) was the Kawasaki Jet Ski, which debuted in the early 1970s. The Jet Ski, which was piloted with the rider standing up, became extremely popular and was the only type available for many years, to the point that for many enthusiasts “jet ski” became the generic term for a PWC. However, stand-up PWCs are more challenging to ride, and the sport really took off with the advent of the easier-to-ride sit-down PWCs that were introduced by Yamaha and Sea-Doo in the mid-1980s. While stand-ups are still the PWC of choice for experienced riders who love their maneuverability, today sit-downs that can seat up to 3 people are far more prevalent. There are affordable compact light recreation models; versatile recreation boats that are fun for the whole family; feature-laden, comfortable touring and luxury PWCs; powerful, high-performance racing watercraft with supercharged engines; models that excel at pulling towables and even ones designed for fishing. Along with recreational use PWCs are also employed by lifeguards and marine police. Whatever kind of PWC you ride, you’ll find a huge selection of parts & accessories for it right here on our digital shelves, so you can maintain it, make repairs, and upgrade its performance and appearance.

If you’ve just purchased a new or used PWC we have the essentials you’ll need. A dock line for mooring and some fenders to prevent hull damage when docked are basic accessories. And like any watercraft, you should have an anchor to prevent your boat from drifting if you decide to anchor offshore. You can protect your valuables and anything that could be moisture damaged, as well as emergency gear like a flashlight, air horn, and first-aid kit, by carrying them in a waterproof case, dry bag or duffel. A folding or telescoping paddle is another valuable piece of gear to have if you find yourself out on the water without power. If you pull towables with your boat, you need a quality tow rope as well as a boarding ladder and impeller protector to keep the rope out of the impeller. You should also never operate a PWC without a safety lanyard, which cuts the engine if you fall off.

Even entry level PWCs are capable of amazing performance, and these thoroughbred craft are used in a harsh, marine environment. The best way to get many hours and years of use from your boat is with regular maintenance, particularly in the preseason and end of season “winterizing”. Let your owner’s manual be your maintenance guide - it contains a schedule listing the recommended maintenance tasks and when each one should be performed – and let us be the source for all your maintenance needs. We have premium 4-cycle motor oils specially formulated for the unique demands of personal watercraft, which provide lubrication and protection for engines operated at high rpms and under severe operating conditions, and protection against corrosion during extended storage periods, as well as top quality 2-cycle oils for pre-mix and oil injection applications. We also have oil for pre-storage engine fogging, coolant for topping off and changes in boats with closed cooling systems, pump oil, grease for lubrication fittings, air and oil filters, air filter cleaners and oil; spark plugs; fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel from breaking down during storage and damaging your fuel system; and much more.

Keeping your PWC clean should be part of your maintenance regimen, but it’s about more than just a shiny appearance, it’s crucial for preventing rust and corrosion on a machine that is continually exposed to water, especially boats used in salt water. In addition to wash products specially designed to lift dirt and grime without harming your machine’s finish, we have specialized cleaners for areas like seats. Once your boat is clean you can protect all surfaces and bring paint and metal to a brilliant luster with our wax, polish, and vinyl and rubber conditioner. And when storing your boat, in between weekends but especially during the off-season, the best way to protect it when not being used is with one of our personal watercraft covers. We have universal fit and vehicle specific covers to preserve the finish and protect your machine from UV and moisture damage.

We also have the tools and equipment you’ll need to properly complete maintenance and repair tasks including pumps to remove the old engine oil from the sump, spark plug sockets and gappers, cable lube adapters, battery testers and maintainers, and more. Here you’ll also find work stands to support your boat during service and carts that make it easy to move it around out of the water. And in addition to commonly replaced components like batteries, steering cables, impellers, and wear rings, we have complete pump assemblies, starters, and charging system stators, as well as fuel cans and pre-mix measuring cups, and special tools for engines and pumps. And if you need some service guidance we have repair manuals with easy to follow, step-by-step maintenance, repair, and diagnostic procedures, and detailed illustrations and photographs.

But if you’re like most enthusiasts, you’ll want to do more than maintenance and repairs, and when you shop here you can also upgrade your boat’s performance. You can increase airflow into your engine for more power with a washable, reusable, high-flow air filter; improve throttle response, airflow and horsepower with our reed valves; dial in fuel injection with an adjustable fuel tuner; reduce exhaust restriction with an exhaust plate kit or exhaust system; or increase compression with a cylinder head and dome kit. Plus, we have performance camshafts, supercharger compressor wheel kits that will increase airflow and horsepower and improve throttle response, digital ignition modules and much more. But performance on a PWC is more than making more power, it’s also about getting the most thrust with that power and for that we have performance intake grates, impellers that can provide quicker acceleration and higher top speed, and pump cones for improved low end. And you can improve stability while traveling at high speeds with our ride plates, sponsons, and hull extensions, and be in the best riding position to take advantage of your boat’s speed and handling with a set of handlebars, comfortable grips, and footwells.

The most important gear to wear when riding your PWC is a life jacket, also called a life vest or PFD (Personal Floatation Device). Even if you’re a good swimmer, if you fall off and become separated from your craft you can become exhausted before you can make it back to your boat or to shore or help is able to reach you. A life jacket will keep you afloat, but not just any one will do, you should wear one that is designed for PWC use and United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved, like the kind you’ll find on our digital shelves. The USCG classifies life jackets according to intended use, and Type III jackets are the vest type, for PWC use and also suitable for water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking. They’re specifically designed for active use and won’t restrict movement, easy to put on and comfortable. A life vest consists of foam filled segments covered by nylon or neoprene in a wide range of bright colors and designs, with securement by nylon straps and quick release buckles. Some vests have a sewn-in D-ring to attach the PWC safety lanyard.

Wearing a life vest may be a no-brainer but that’s far from all you need for riding safety and comfort. Wetsuit shorts are a better option than ordinary swim trunks or a bikini as they’re more comfortable and provide protection from rash. PWCs are capable of high speeds and even on warm days you can quickly become cold. We have a variety of gear to keep you warm yet comfortable and flexible including wetsuits, and neoprene jackets and pants. A wetsuit or drysuit can keep you warm and extend your riding season. Wearing shoes designed for PWC riding will not only help keep your feet warm at speed and when the water’s cold, they’ll provide much more protection and grip than flip-flops or bare feet. To protect your eyes from bright sun and UV rays, wind and water spray, we have a wide range of goggles and sunglasses appropriate for PWC use, offered in your choice of styles and lens tints. And a good pair of PWC gloves will keep your hands warm in cooler weather, give you extra grip, and prevent blisters.

To some the idea of wearing a helmet while riding their PWC may sound strange, but if you have a get off, hitting the water at speed can be like hitting a solid object, plus a helmet with a chin bar can prevent injury if you hit a wave and your face contacts the handlebars. It’s also easier to fit goggles to a helmet, which can protect your eyes from water. Wearing a helmet is also required by PWC racing sanctioning bodies. We offer helmets that are ideal for PWC use and feature light weight, extensive venting, and removable and washable liner and cheek pads.

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