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There’s no better way to enjoy wintertime fun than aboard a snowmobile. There’s a sled for every purpose, no matter what kind of riding you want to do, including easy to maneuver Trail models that are perfect for beginners, comfortable, smooth riding Touring sleds that are ideal for extended 2-up sightseeing and long distance rides, high-powered, responsive Performance snowmobiles with advanced suspensions designed for experienced riders and high-speed thrills, the even more powerful Mountain sleds that excel at climbing in higher elevations, and versatile Crossover snowmobiles that perform equally well on and off the trail. And because there are always jobs that need doing, you can count on hardworking Utility sleds designed for towing, hauling, transport, and use by emergency and rescue personnel. Whatever kind of snowmobile you ride, you’ll find a huge selection of parts & accessories for it right here on our digital shelves, so you can maintain it, make repairs, and upgrade its performance and appearance.

Fewer things can put a damper on a planned day of riding or a full work schedule than a sled that won’t start, and a breakdown in frigid temperatures miles from home can be far more than an inconvenience. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your snowmobile is always ready to go when you are, delivers reliable performance to its potential, and has a long service life. Let your owner’s manual be your maintenance guide - it contains a schedule listing the recommended maintenance tasks and the mileage or time intervals at which each one should be performed, and there may also be recommended preseason and pre-storage maintenance tasks – and let us be the source for all your maintenance needs. We have premium 4-cycle motor oils specially formulated for the unique demands of snowmobiles, which provide lubrication and protection for engines operated at high rpms and under severe operating conditions, and protection against corrosion during extended storage periods, as well as top quality 2-cycle oil for both pre-mix and oil injection applications.

We also have coolant and brake fluid for topping off and changes, chaincase lubricant, grease for driveline and suspension fittings, air and oil filters, air filter cleaners and oil; spark plugs; fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel from breaking down during storage and damaging your fuel system; and much more. Keeping your sled clean should be part of your maintenance regimen, but it’s about more than just a shiny appearance, it’s crucial for preventing rust and corrosion on a machine that is continually exposed to moisture and may be exposed to road salt. In addition to wash products specially designed to lift dirt and grime without harming your machine’s finish, we have specialized cleaners for areas like windshields and seats. Once your sled is clean you can protect all surfaces and bring paint and metal to a brilliant luster with our wax, metal polish, and vinyl and rubber conditioner. And when storing your sled, in between weekends but especially during the off-season, you can keep it protected with a snowmobile cover.

We also have the tools and equipment you’ll need to properly complete maintenance and repair tasks including fluid drain pans, spark plug sockets and gappers, track tension gauges, cable lube adapters, battery testers and maintainers, and more. Here you’ll also find lifts and work stands to raise and support your sled during service, carts and dollies that make it easy to move it around the shop, and specially designed ramps that can accommodate snowmobile skis and tracks when loading your sled onto a pickup or trailer. And in addition to commonly replaced components like drive belts, track sliders, and ski wear bars, we have tracks, bogie wheels and bearings, skis, throttle and oil cables, batteries, starters, and charging system stators and regulators, brake pads, and more, as well as fuel cans and pre-mix measuring cups, and special tools for engines, clutches, drivelines, and suspensions. And if you need some service guidance we have repair manuals with easy to follow, step-by-step maintenance, repair, and diagnostic procedures, and detailed illustrations and photographs.

However, when you shop here you can do much more than maintenance and repairs, you can also upgrade your sled’s performance, functionality and appearance. Increase airflow into your engine with a washable, reusable, high-flow air filter; get more performance with a carburetor jet kit or fuel injection fuel controller; increase horsepower on your 2-cycle engine in the rpm range where you want it with performance reed valves; and increase exhaust flow and give your machine the rumble to go with the power with a performance exhaust or silencer. You can improve durability with heavy-duty clutches, sprockets, and chain, and get quicker acceleration or more top speed with a change in chaincase sprocket gear ratio. And you can tailor your sled to handle no matter where and how you ride with our handlebar risers, performance runners and carbides, adjustable shocks, and performance tracks and studs specially designed for specific riding environments.

We can help you haul cargo more efficiently and keep it organized with our cargo boxes, saddlebags, tunnel bags, windshield bags and cargo racks, and we have a full line of backpacks and daypacks. We also offer towable utility sleds with the capacity for firewood, animal feed, tools and supplies, and bringing home game, as well as the tie down straps, cargo nets, and bungee cords needed to transport your gear securely on racks and sleds. You can upgrade your personal protection from wind and debris, stay warmer and give your sled a style boost with an aftermarket windshield, hand guards and hand muffs; be more aware of your surroundings with a set of side-view mirrors; protect the vulnerable underside of your sled with a skid plate; and provide more grip for your feet with a set of running boards. If your seat is torn and cracked we offer replacement seat covers that will boost comfort and restore appearance, and if you really want to set your sled apart, apply our graphics kits.

Snowmobiles are primarily designed for daytime use, and the factory lighting may not provide the illumination you need for safe riding in darkness, an important consideration at the time of year when there is the least daylight. You can upgrade your headlights with a LED or HID conversion kit. Both are several times brighter than halogen bulbs and vibration resistant, and we have RGB LED conversion kits that allow you to create multicolor special effects with your headlights, that you control from a smartphone app. But for a significant illumination upgrade you need additional lighting. We have diminutive LED fog, auxiliary, and driving lights that are so small they can be mounted just about anywhere yet pack a lot of light for their size. These are available in a variety of shapes and lumen and wattage ratings.

Our snowmobile helmets come in full face, modular, dual sport and snocross styles, in a wide range of colors and graphic designs, and with features optimized for cold weather riding. Full face, modular and dual sport style helmets with their full-face shields will keep you the warmest if you regularly ride at speed on fast trails in cold temperatures, and some come with chin curtains to further retain your body heat. Snowmobile helmets have breath boxes to keep your breath off the face shield or goggles to prevent fogging, and the face shields are dual pane, with a layer of gas between the shield panes that creates an insulator to prevent fogging. Some come with electrically heated shields that plug into the snowmobile for the ultimate in fog prevention. For active riders who may not be riding at such high speeds or in extreme cold, dirt bike/motocross style snocross helmets with their superior ventilation are a good choice. These usually come with a shield to close off the vents if desired and they should be used with a good set of snowmobile goggles that seal well to the face and helmet, and a balaclava to keep warm.

In addition to helmets, we have goggles with clear and tinted lenses, in designs specifically made for snowmobile riding, and replacement visors, peaks, shields, liners and cheek pads. You can stay connected and be informed and entertained when aboard your sled with our electronics gear. We have Bluetooth headsets designed for easy installation on a variety of helmet styles that can be wirelessly connected to smartphones, GPS units, iPods and MP3 players. These include microphone, speakers, and a control module that can be easily operated with gloves, so you can make calls, listen to music, and get spoken directions. We also have Bluetooth communication systems that connect to Bluetooth headsets, allowing complete voice command control. Some Bluetooth units can be paired with other headsets, enabling communication with a passenger and other riders within a certain range.

The best way to stay warm, dry and protected when riding your sled in the coldest weather is by covering up and layering. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer in a material weight that’s appropriate for the temperature you’ll be riding in. For extreme cold add a fleece mid-layer, and this layer can also be easily shed if you get too warm. Of course, the most important layer is the outer one in the form of a wind and waterproof, abrasion resistant snowmobile suit. These are available in one-piece styles, or you can go with a jacket and snow pants or bibs. Extremities like hands and feet are particularly vulnerable to frostbite if not protected. Snowmobile gloves and snowmobile mittens are wind and waterproof, yet breathable, and insulated to keep your hands warm and protected, and many have removable moisture-wicking liners for layering that creates warmth. Snowmobile boots are durable, supportive and heavily insulated to keep your feet warm and protected. They have moisture-wicking liners and waterproof outer shells to prevent your feet from becoming wet, due to sweat from within or snow and water from without. These should be paired with synthetic/wool blend socks that wick moisture away but also provide insulation for warmth. Of course, we also offer a full complement of electrically heated apparel including jacket and pants liners, gloves and socks.

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