Maxxis ATV & UTV Tires

  • Maxxis® - Bighorn 3.0 Tire
    Maxxis®Bighorn 3.0 Tire
    # 1218568419
    Universal Bighorn 3.0 Tire by Maxxis®. The Bighorn 3.0 features a 6-ply rated radial construction with maneuverability and durability. It boasts tremendous grip and a smooth ride with a large contact patch.
    Based on the legendary Bighorn and Bighorn 2.0Radial construction provides a plush feel and a large contact patch for the ultimate ride
    $182.70 - $296.00
  • Maxxis® - Creepy Crawler M8090 Tire
    Maxxis®Creepy Crawler M8090 Tire
    # 2857708828
    Universal Creepy Crawler M8090 Tire by Maxxis®. Designed to conquer slightly different terrain than the Trepador bias, the Creepy Crawler also features a conformable bias-ply casing to maximize the contact patch on uneven off-road...
    Dominating off road challenges has never been easier with the Maxxis Extreme bias Creepy Crawler tiresLarge shoulder lugs and sidewall design provide unparalleled side bite in difficult off-road terrain
    $608.83 - $795.86
  • Maxxis® - Ceros Tire
    Maxxis®Ceros Tire
    # 1218568426
    Universal Ceros Tire by Maxxis®. The Maxxis Ceros is a UTV-specific tire, built to handle the extreme abuse your UTV takes. The Ceros contains a directional, smooth-rolling tread pattern, providing steering precision and straight-line...
    An excellent choice for hardpack short-course or cross country side-by-side racingExcellent traction and stability on hardpack or loose-over-hard conditions
    $132.50 - $263.50
  • Maxxis® - Maxxzilla Plus Tire
    Maxxis®Maxxzilla Plus Tire
    # 2857708789
    Universal Maxxzilla Plus Tire by Maxxis®. Rim Size: 14". Rear. The Maxxzilla Plus features an even more aggressive tread design with deeper lugs to power through the thickest mud. If you're looking for a quality product that will serve...
    Long pitches and big block design increase traction performance in muddy terrainSpecial cone knob design helps expel mud
    $135.16 - $230.71
  • Maxxis® - Mud Bug Tire
    Maxxis®Mud Bug Tire
    # 1218568438
    Universal Mud Bug Tire by Maxxis®. The Maxxis Mud Bug features extra-deep lugs to provide maximum traction in muddy terrain. In addition, angled tread bars divert mud away from the tire for improved grip. The Mud Bug is 6-ply rated for...
    Aggressive lugs for an abundance of traction through mud bogs or down sloppy backcountry trails30mm tread bar height provides superior traction in the deepest mud
    $120.00 - $151.20
  • Maxxis® - Bighorn 2.0 Tire
    Maxxis®Bighorn 2.0 Tire
    # 1218568405
    Universal Bighorn 2.0 Tire by Maxxis®. Based on the legendary Bighorn, the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tire is a lightweight version that mimics the tread design of the original, with slimmer lugs. Radial construction provides better shock...
    All the traction of the original Bighorn in a lighter-weight packageDurable 6-ply rating construction
    $157.50 - $281.50
  • Maxxis® - Liberty Tire
    Maxxis®Liberty Tire
    # 1218568415
    Universal Liberty Tire by Maxxis®. Front/Rear. The Maxxis Liberty is a true light truck-inspired tire, engineered for performance in a variety of terrains. With an 8-ply rated radial carcass and a tread design that allows for ultimate...
    The Liberty is engineered for performance to give you and your side-by-side freedom in a variety of terrains8-Ply Rated Radial Construction
    $261.00 - $304.50
  • Maxxis® - Razr Plus Tire
    Maxxis®Razr Plus Tire
    # 1218568424
    Universal Razr Plus Tire by Maxxis®. Maxxis' Razr line of sport ATV tires has epitomized industry-leading technology and performance over the past decade. The Razr Plus is the newest addition to the championship-proven Razr line. The...
    The newest addition to the championship-proven Razr line6-ply-rated carcass capable of handling heavy loads and durable enough to handle any trail
    $151.50 - $165.00
  • Maxxis® - Razr Tire
    Maxxis®Razr Tire
    # 1218568402
    Universal Razr Tire by Maxxis®. Over the past decade, the name "Razr" has become synonymous with winning. The Maxxis Razr provides a championship-proven tread design with superior puncture resistance. Its wide profile provides increased...
    Laboratory-tested and competition-proven in the most demanding national championship cross country seriesKnobs extend across the tread surface area for a large contact patch that maximizes traction
    $102.00 - $202.50
  • Maxxis® - VIPR Tire
    Maxxis®VIPR Tire
    # 1218568407
    Universal VIPR Tire by Maxxis®. The VIPR features radial construction for a smooth ride and unmatched performance from an aggressive tread pattern with deep lugs. To top it off, a high load rating means VIPR tires can take a beating...
    A directional tread pattern with deep lugs excels in loose to intermediate terrains, able to shed mud but also roll smoothly on hard packFeatures 6-ply rated construction and a rim guard
    $163.80 - $227.00
  • Maxxis® - Coronado Tire
    Maxxis®Coronado Tire
    # 1218568410
    Universal Coronado Tire by Maxxis®. An 8PR carcass and aggressive tread pattern make this the ultimate utility tire, whether for backcountry jaunts or national races. The Maxxis Coronado is the ultimate desert tire for your ATV or...
    A smooth ride stemming from true radial construction and a center tread configuration with a high land-to-sea ratio of lugsPerformance-matched front and rear setup provides steering control and confidence at high speeds
    $219.50 - $297.50
  • Maxxis® - Razr 2 Tire
    Maxxis®Razr 2 Tire
    # 2857708761
    Universal Razr 2 Tire by Maxxis®. Take Razr performance and spice it up with a slightly deeper tread depth and more durable construction, and you have a winner in rugged conditions. A 6-ply rating makes Razr 2 tires durable enough for...
    Aggressive tread pattern for enhanced cornering abilityIncreased lug depth offers increased skid and traction control for loose cross country or desert conditions
    $169.00 - $225.46
  • Maxxis® - Bighorn MT-762 Tire
    Maxxis®Bighorn MT-762 Tire
    # 2857708806
    Universal Bighorn MT-762 Tire by Maxxis®. MUD TERRAIN The Bighorn is a radial construction tire with a wide footprint providing better shock absorption and excellent traction. The Bighorn contains extra large shoulder lugs, protecting...
    Championship winning mud terrain with terrific performance and durabilityDeep tread blocks for self-cleaning capabilities
    $291.94 - $419.90
  • Maxxis® - Razr Plus MX Tire
    Maxxis®Razr Plus MX Tire
    # 2857708813
    Universal Razr Plus MX Tire by Maxxis®. Size: AT20X6-10. Tested and developed with ATV Motocross champions Joel Hetrick and Chad Wienen, the Razr Plus MX has passed the ultimate test, helping both riders take championships in the past...
    Built to win championships at the highest levels of ATV MX racingAggressive tread design featuring angled shoulder knobs for improved steering and braking
    $126.50 - $143.50
  • Maxxis® - Bighorn Radial Tire
    Maxxis®Bighorn Radial Tire
    # 1218568409
    Universal Bighorn Radial Tire by Maxxis®. The tread pattern and wide footprint give the Bighorn radial tire exceptional traction, and its large shoulder lugs help to protect the sidewalls. Solid raised white lettering gives this tire an...
    The Maxxis Bighorn is a legend in the ATV and UTV communityExtra lugs on the shoulder protect the tire's sidewall and rim
    $190.80 - $297.50
  • Maxxis® - Front Pro Tire
    Maxxis®Front Pro Tire
    # 1218568428
    Universal Front Pro Tire by Maxxis®. Front. This Maxxis Front Pro ATV tire has a multi-directional tread design for both mud and sand use. The Front Pro features extra-long reinforced knobs coupled with angled lateral knobs for...
    A multi-directional tread design for both mud and sandDesigned for front use only
    $72.00 - $82.80
  • Maxxis® - Zilla Tire
    Maxxis®Zilla Tire
    # 1218568429
    Universal Zilla Tire by Maxxis®. When you are looking for superb mud traction combined with outstanding trail riding characteristics, choose the Zilla front and rear tires. Light and fast, the Maxxis Zilla ATV tire delivers a relatively...
    The Zilla is popular for its lightweight, mud-slinging tread pattern that also provides a smooth rideDurable 6-ply rating
    $117.50 - $214.00
  • Maxxis® - Razr XM Tire
    Maxxis®Razr XM Tire
    # 1218568431
    Universal Razr XM Tire by Maxxis®. The Razr XM represents the culmination of more than a decade of Maxxis research and development with input from Maxxis countless ATV racing champions. A new tread pattern with aggressive, pre-grooved...
    Pre-grooved race tires for traction on loose to intermediate motocross trackPerfect for the seasoned pro or A-class hero
    $115.20 - $141.30
  • Maxxis® - Razr Cross Tire
    Maxxis®Razr Cross Tire
    # 1260398131
    Universal Razr Cross Tire by Maxxis®. National champions and top amateurs alike have proven the Razr Cross is the tire of choice for holeshotting traction and precise steering. Get exactly what you need for ATV motocross with the Razr...
    Angled tread knobs on rear tire offer excellent traction while allowing controlled slides for corneringDeveloped by Maxxis specifically for hardcore ATV MX riders
    $90.90 - $105.44
  • Maxxis® - Maxxzilla Tire
    Maxxis®Maxxzilla Tire
    # 1218568439
    Universal Maxxzilla Tire by Maxxis®. When mounting oversized tires on your ATV, be sure to check for proper fitment and tire clearance. If you're looking for a quality product that will serve you for years to come, look no further.
    The Maxxzilla features deep tread lugs to power through mudComplex angle arrangement and stepped 3D pattern provide superb mud traction
    $165.60 - $276.50
  • Maxxis® - Trepador Competition Tire
    Maxxis®Trepador Competition Tire
    # 2857708745
    Universal Trepador Competition Tire by Maxxis®. Rim Size: 17". Based on the Trepador Bias, the legendary Trepador Competition uses the same construction and pattern design, but features a sticky race tread compound for the ultimate in...
    Performance that has been tested and proven in the hardest terrain in the worldAggressive side lug design provides improved side-bite on difficult off-road and rocky terrain
    $887.66 - $1,212.48
  • Maxxis® - Bravo Series AT-771 Tire
    Maxxis®Bravo Series AT-771 Tire
    # 2857708838
    Universal Bravo Series AT-771 Tire by Maxxis®. The AT-771 was engineered to provide the confidence to tackle your favorite local trail or your everyday urban work route. The unique tread pattern and sidewall lug design offers excellent...
    Premium all-terrain combining outstanding balance between on-road and off-road performance50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for non LT sizes
    $238.91 - $368.78
  • Maxxis® - All Track M9209 Tire
    Maxxis®All Track M9209 Tire
    # 2857708825
    Universal All Track M9209 Tire by Maxxis®. Front/Rear. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Manufactured...
    Dual-scooped knob design provides superior traction. Shoulder knobs provide stability in corneringExpertly developed to cover your wheel needs
    $116.10 - $120.60
  • Maxxis® - Razr Vantage Tire
    Maxxis®Razr Vantage Tire
    # 1260398132
    Universal Razr Vantage Tire by Maxxis®. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Manufactured from...
    Razr-winning performance all aroundAggressive, angled knobs provide more biting edges for hard terrain
    $123.30 - $133.20
  • Maxxis® - Razr MX Tire
    Maxxis®Razr MX Tire
    # 1218568404
    Universal Razr MX Tire by Maxxis®. A versatile motocross tread pattern in racing compounds provides predictable all-around performance on the track. The Razr MX tire sets the bar for ATV motocross racing, with rounded shoulder knobs to...
    Compound is formulated specifically for ATV MX racing applicationsMaxxis' proprietary #397 soft compound is designed for optimal traction in hardpack race conditions
    $79.11 - $128.00
  • Maxxis® - Trepador M8060 Tire
    Maxxis®Trepador M8060 Tire
    # 2857708818
    Universal Trepador M8060 Tire by Maxxis®. Designed to conquer off-road terrain with ease, the Trepador Bias features a conformable bias ply casing with ultra-aggressive sidewall design for excellent off-road traction on sand and rocks....
    Extreme bias off-road tire that provides maximum traction in any trail conditionAggressive side lug design provides improved side-bite on difficult off-road and rocky terrain
    $657.54 - $1,010.76
  • Maxxis® - Razr XC Tire
    Maxxis®Razr XC Tire
    # 1218568437
    Universal Razr XC Tire by Maxxis®. The Razr Xc represents the culmination of more than a decade of Maxxis research and development with input from Maxxis countless ATV racing champions. A new tread pattern with aggressive, pre-grooved...
    Pre-grooved race tires for traction in the most demanding conditions, designed to keep you in front of the competition6-ply rated tire construction
    $124.20 - $141.30
  • Maxxis® - 4-Snow Tire
    Maxxis®4-Snow Tire
    # 1218568421
    Universal 4-Snow Tire by Maxxis®. Rear. For improved acceleration, the Maxxis 4-Snow expands up to 40% during use. It features a reversible tread design for optimum traction on snow and ice. The soft compound remains flexible in cold...
    Aptly named and ready for winter, the 4-Snow is the tire of choice for snow as well as dirt drag racingDrag racer's first tire choice on ice, snow and pure sand
    $109.00 - $115.00
  • Maxxis® - Carnivore Tire
    Maxxis®Carnivore Tire
    # 1218568414
    Universal Carnivore Tire by Maxxis®. Front/Rear. The Carnivore is a true light truck-inspired tire, engineered for performance in extreme (west coast) terrains. With an 8-ply-rated radial carcass and a tread design that allows for...
    Light truck-inspired tire engineered to perform in extreme terrains8-ply-rated radial construction
    $276.50 - $313.00
  • Maxxis® - Mudzilla Tire
    Maxxis®Mudzilla Tire
    # 1218568411
    Universal Mudzilla Tire by Maxxis®. The Maxxis Mudzilla features an aggressive look with pyramid-shaped tread blocks and long biting lugs. Built to ride in and through extreme mud, the Mudzilla ATV tire applies biting traction in the...
    The ultimate mud tire for the most extreme conditionsMassive tread bars give your ATV maximum traction in mud
    $121.88 - $204.30

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