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ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) and UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles, also called side-by-sides) are the most versatile four-wheelers available today. There are models that are perfect for play riding or racing, and ones that can take you to remote camping, hunting and fishing areas and configured for chores around the house. And of course, there are the hard-working ATVs and UTVs used by ranchers, farmers, landscape managers, grounds crews, and first responders. Unlike the reasonably uniform paved surfaces typically encountered by road-going vehicles, these powersports vehicles are confronted by a wide variety of terrain consistencies when they venture off-road, including loose and loamy soil, hard-packed dirt, rocks, gravel, mud, sand, snow, and turf. But no matter how you use your quad or where you ride, we have the tires that will help you conquer the terrain, and when you’re upgrading to new skins, why not take advantage of the opportunity to personalize your machine with a set of our custom wheels.

With such a wide range of applications and areas where they’re used, it stands to reason that there is no one ATV/UTV tire that’s ideal for every purpose and riding environment. We offer versatile tires that excel on multiple riding surfaces, as well as specialized tires for particular terrains, in various constructions, ply ratings, tread patterns and sizes. Unlike the automotive industry, where they disappeared decades ago, tires with bias-ply construction, where the plies extend diagonally from bead to bead, and overlap one another, have been the most common type of ATV/UTV tire. But radial tires, with plies that run perpendicular to the bead and belts that wrap around the circumference of the tire, have also become popular. Bias ply tires have been prevalent because of the way the tire flexes and readily conforms to rough terrain for grip and traction, while radial tires have become favorites with many riders because of the way they can improve handling and provide longer tread life and better ride and fuel economy.

ATV/UTV tires are available with ply ratings from 2 to 12, with the number referring to the tire’s load capacity more so than number of plies. Lower numbers are for lightweight tires like sand tires, while higher numbers can be found on tires for hard-pack surfaces. Of course, tread pattern is the most important consideration when selecting ATV/UTV tires. All-terrain tires, also called trail tires or general-purpose tires are the kind that are most commonly fitted as original equipment and the most popular aftermarket tires because the tread pattern is configured to provide good grip and self-cleaning capabilities on a variety of surfaces, with a smooth ride and long tread life. The tread lugs are closer together for a larger tire contact patch. Mud tires, with their large widely spaced lugs, are the most aggressive looking ATV/UTV tires. The tall lugs bite in the soft mud and the large gaps between lugs prevent the tire from becoming packed with mud, however these same features will provide less than optimal handling, ride and tread wear when used on hard surfaces. Sand tires are constructed with widely spaced paddles on the rear tires and ridges that run the circumference on otherwise smooth front tires, for traction and flotation in deep sand.

Tires for hard pack and racing are similar to general-purpose tires but with lugs that are even more closely spaced and with harder rubber compound and more plies for durability. There are also tires designed specifically for snow and turf saver tires that are ideal for preventing damage caused by ATVs and UTVs used on lawns. We offer all these styles in widths and diameters for fitment on all popular ATV and UTV wheel sizes. Speaking of wheels, while a set of our rims will surely enhance the look of your ATV or UTV, they can also improve performance and be a functional upgrade as well. If you’re removing OE steel wheels a set of cast aluminum wheels may be lighter, and if you’re removing OE cast wheels a set of our flow formed or forged aluminum alloy ATV/UTV rims will definitely be lighter. Lighter wheels reduce unsprung weight, which means the suspension on your ATV or UTV will be better able to keep the wheels and tires planted on the ground instead of bouncing. The more your tires are in contact with earth the more traction you’ll have to power your way over any terrain. And with light weight wheels you may even experience better ride quality.

As you can see from the many wheel styles and finishes on offer, our ATV and UTV wheel selection is unrivaled. All our rims are made by the industry’s premier aftermarket off-road wheel manufacturers. Their designers have created modern, cutting-edge styles that are the equal of anything available for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Choose from a large assortment of spoke shapes and patterns, wheel face and lip configurations, in a wide range of finish treatments, including gloss, satin, and matte black and many other colors, and polished, brushed and chrome. Many wheels have special effects including two-tone, complementary and contrasting color accents, machined spoke faces and milled accents, real and simulated beadlocks, and much more. If you opt for a tire and wheel package, you can have the tires you want mounted to the rims you’ve selected, balanced, and delivered to your door.

We offer steel as well as cast, flow formed and forged aluminum alloy wheels, and all are made rugged and tough enough to withstand the roughest off-road abuse. Our cast, flow formed, and forged rims are made with premium quality aluminum. Cast wheels begin as molten aluminum that has been alloyed with other metals to increase strength, which is then put into a mold under pressure to form the wheel. A flow form wheel is created from an aluminum casting that is heated and spun while rollers apply great pressure to the barrel, mechanically elongating the barrel to the desired width, while at the same time changing the mechanical properties and grain structure of the cast rim, increasing strength and stiffness, and reducing weight. Once cast and flow formed wheels cool they undergo final machining and finishing. The forging process starts with a solid chunk of premium aluminum billet, which is heated and forced into shape using extreme pressure, and then finish machined to its final form. Forging compresses the metal, so it is very dense, resulting in a wheel that is exceptionally stiff and strong, but also very light.

Genuine beadlocks are an invaluable feature that you’ll find on many of our ATV and UTV wheels. When you’re “aired down” for better traction and experience severe tire side loading in rocky terrain, the tire bead can become completely dislodged from the rim. Beadlocks clamp the tires to the rims so they can’t come off even at extremely low pressure. With beadlock rims you can wheel over the roughest landscape with confidence. And if you want a unique, custom appearance we have replacement beadlock rings in your choice of colors. Along with beadlock rings we offer many other wheel and tire accessories including high quality inner tubes and tire repair kits; wheel studs and both flat seat and cone seat lug nuts; wheel center caps, valve stems and valve caps; wheel spacers that can give your machine a wider stance or create clearance for larger tires; ATV/UTV tire chains for added traction; tire inflation pressure gauges, and much, much, more.

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Eton Viper Mini 70 Tire Sizes
CST® TM02005000 - C829 Front/Rear Tire (145/70-6)
Hello, I have been trying to locate the proper sized tires for my Eton Viper 70M. It has 145/70-6 tires originally, but every time I bought new ones they were too short. These tires fit like the original ones, with the proper ground clearance. This is the only place I have been able to get the correct tire. Thank you, Paul W.
Posted by Paul (Mechanicsville, VA) / September 29, 20212006 E-TON Viper 70M 4-Stroke
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