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  • Camso® - Ice Attak XT™ Track
    Camso®Ice Attak XT™ Track
    # sp144693
    Ice Attak XT™ Track by Camso®. Nailed to the trail. A highly aggressive trail model design featuring hundreds of sharp-tip lug studs, giving riders traction and control they can count on.
    Factory pre-studded for improved traction and controlLug design delivers better traction than the ICE Ripper XT
    $949.00 - $1,109.00
  • Camso® - Asphalt Drag™ Track
    Camso®Asphalt Drag™ Track
    # sp144672
    Asphalt Drag™ Track by Camso®. Made for asphalt drag competitions. Engineered and built for the unique performance requirements of asphalt drag competitions, where traction and super-fast acceleration are the name of the game.
    Soft outer rubber provides traction on paved surfacesMultiple lengths for a wide variety of race chassis
    $1,239.00 - $1,349.00
  • Camso® - Ice Cobra 1.6™ Track
    Camso®Ice Cobra 1.6™ Track
    # sp144694
    Ice Cobra 1.6™ Track by Camso®. Hard grip in soft snow The Denis Courtemanche Special Edition, in honor of long-time Camoplast recreational products director who has devoted 50 years to improving snowmobile track design. Factory...
    Cupped lugs for superior acceleration and braking in loose, soft snow conditionsFlexible lug design for superior off-trail performanc
    $929.00 - $1,119.00
  • Woody's® - Eliminator™ Competition Studs
    Woody's®Eliminator™ Competition Studs
    # 2084579348
    UniversalEliminator™ Competition Studs by Woody's®. Thread Size: 1/4"-20. Woody's competition studs have been trusted by some of the greatest riders in snowmobile history, meaning you can trust them, too. If you're looking for a...
    Through-hardened carbon steel with 30° tipMust be paired with t-nut of corresponding thread size
    $85.96 - $86.90
  • Woody's® - Square Digger™ Support Plates
    Woody's®Square Digger™ Support Plates
    # 2084581005
    UniversalSquare Digger™ Support Plates by Woody's®. A Woody's studding template, a couple tools, and personal preference is all it takes to customize your snowmobile with Woody's wide selection of aluminum support plates.
    For all single and combination studding patternsExcellent stud support
    $26.74 - $128.44
  • Camso® - HackSaw™ Track
    Camso®HackSaw™ Track
    # sp144690
    HackSaw™ Track by Camso®. Durability meets efficiency and speed. A proven performer in the 1 category. Attack angle lugs guarantee superior performance on hard-groomed snow trails.
    Crescent lug features recessed tips and cutting edges for forward and lateral bite on hard-packHard-wearing rigid lugs for mile after mile of dependable use
    $619.00 - $809.00
  • HiperFax® - Slides
    # sp144716
    Slides by HiperFax®. Hiperfax Slide has been designed, engineered and developed right here in Maine by an avid snowmobiler with the knowledge of what it takes to produce a slide that will give longer life, less drag, better fuel...
    Ready to serve reliably for years to comeMade to comply with high standards for quality and safety
  • Camso® - BackCountry™ Track
    Camso®BackCountry™ Track
    # sp144673
    BackCountry™ Track by Camso®. Find your own path. Recognized as a frontrunner for on/off-trail riding, with a 1.75 lug height. Developed and tested in competitive snocross racing environments, its designed with traction and durability...
    Arched lug design with staggered snocross-inspired pattern for excellent soft snow tractionAggressive track profile provides outstanding traction
    $819.95 - $1,129.00
  • Camso® - Challenger™ Track
    Camso®Challenger™ Track
    # sp144678
    Challenger™ Track by Camso®. Ride through deep snow A standard for deep lug tracks. Deep snow riding has never been so versatile and reliable. Delivers outstanding all-around performance in a wide range of mountain-riding conditions.
    Saw-tooth design provides versatility with grip and control on hard snowAggressive track profile provides outstanding traction
    $829.95 - $1,109.00
  • Sno-Stuff® - Hyfax Slide
    Sno-Stuff®Hyfax Slide
    # sp185356
    Hyfax Slide by Sno-Stuff®. All slides are manufactured from OEM quality material for an exact fit and a durable long lasting performance. All necessary holes are pre-drilled.
    Expertly crafted from the highest grade materialsUnique, dependable, and functional
  • Camso® - BackCountry X2™ Track
    Camso®BackCountry X2™ Track
    # sp144675
    BackCountry X2™ Track by Camso®. The BackCountry, taken to another level. Camso most popular on/off-trail track, now with a lug height of 2 that lets you explore deep into the backcountry.
    Arched lug design with staggered snocross-inspired pattern for excellent soft snow tractionRigid lug support columns and optimized rubber compound to deliver great on/off-trail performance
    $769.95 - $1,019.00
  • Camso® - Conquer 260™ Track
    Camso®Conquer 260™ Track
    # sp167367
    Conquer 260™ Track by Camso®. Agility in deep snow. Designed with a softer rubber compound for better deep-snow performance, the Camso Conquer 260's 2.6-inch lug design powers through the deepest mountain snow with ease. This...
    Lightweight model increases available HP thanks to less rotating massLug design requires 20% less rider input on turns and 25% less throttle to hold on side hills
    $1,319.00 - $1,379.00
  • Kimpex USA® - Pro Idler Wheel
    Kimpex USA®Pro Idler Wheel
    # sp144714
    Pro Idler Wheel by Kimpex USA®. Kimpex idler wheels are OEM replacements made with Kimpex quality. Pro colored idler wheels are a great complement to match slides, ski skinsand plastic ski colors; constructed of high quality UHMW...
    Perfect solutions for those who are fueled by funSupremely rugged, yet ultra-lightweight design
  • Camso® - CrossOver™ Track
    Camso®CrossOver™ Track
    # sp144687
    CrossOver™ Track by Camso®. Aggressive traction. With 1.5 lug height, its popular for improving a range of application types including utility, touring and on/off-trail. Aggressive traction makes it perfect for crossover riders who...
    Angled lugs offer outstanding forward and lateral bite on groomed trailsStepped lug design for greater flex and improved traction in soft, loose snow
    $889.00 - $1,079.00
  • Camso® - Challenger Extreme™ Saw-Tooth Track
    Camso®Challenger Extreme™ Saw-Tooth Track
    # sp144676
    Challenger Extreme™ Saw-Tooth Track by Camso®. Challenge the mountain in all snow types Stems from the same design as the classic Challenger but adds even higher saw-tooth lugs that, while versatile, make boondocking bottomless powder...
    Rigid proven design for all-around performance and durabilitySaw-tooth lug design feature for grip on trail and wind-blown snow
    $1,029.00 - $1,289.95
  • Camso® - Ice Wide™ Track
    Camso®Ice Wide™ Track
    # sp144697
    Ice Wide™ Track by Camso®. Heavy-duty utility traction. Utility sleds need unbeatable flotation and superb reliability to handle the toughest jobs. Featuring extra lateral stability and traction, this track is the only model in the...
    Finger lug design for superior traction on hard-pack snowAggressive track profile provides outstanding traction
  • Camso® - DuraSport 725™ Track
    Camso®DuraSport 725™ Track
    # sp144688
    DuraSport 725™ Track by Camso®. Put the power you have on the snow, not out under the snow flap. Don't void your warranty coverage with engine modifications when a track upgrade will make better use of the power you already have and...
    Built for serious long-distance ridingFeature an ideal blend of performance acceleration and braking capabilities along with durability
    $629.00 - $729.00
  • Camso® - Challenger Extreme™ Full Cupped Track
    Camso®Challenger Extreme™ Full Cupped Track
    # sp167357
    Challenger Extreme™ Full Cupped Track by Camso®. Challenge the mountain in powder snow. Stems from the same design as the classic Challenger but full-cupped lugs that are especially efficient in powder snow and make boondocking in...
    Full-cupped and deep V lug design for soft powder snow flotation and tractionAggressive track profile provides outstanding traction
    $1,059.00 - $1,199.00
  • Camso® - RipSaw II 1.5™ Track
    Camso®RipSaw II 1.5™ Track
    # sp144702
    RipSaw II 1.5™ Track by Camso®. The RipSaw II, known for its versatility in all snow types, is taken to another level. Now boasting a 1.5" lug height, it's the track for the most demanding 50/50 rider.
    Sharp angled lugs provide excellent bite on hard-pack snowCupped center and full outer lugs provide traction on loose, less compacted snow
    $819.00 - $889.00
  • Camso® - RipSaw II™ Track
    Camso®RipSaw II™ Track
    # sp144703
    RipSaw II™ Track by Camso®. All-around performer in all types of snow. Designed for all around trail performance - excellent traction on both hard-pack and loose, less compacted snow with ride comfort features.
    Tapered outside lug edges for less side bite when corneringSharp angled lugs for excellent bite on hard-pack snow
    $739.00 - $859.00
  • Starting Line® - Slide Rail Extension Kit
    Starting Line®Slide Rail Extension Kit
    # sp163515
    Slide Rail Extension Kit by Starting Line®. These kits provide a simple, strong, cost effective method to extend the rail for installation of a longer track. If you're looking for a quality product that will serve you for years to come,...
    Engineered to ensure ultimate strength and maximum safetyMade to give you more confidence while driving
    $132.95 - $170.95
  • Camso® - RipSaw™ Track
    Camso®RipSaw™ Track
    # sp144704
    RipSaw™ Track by Camso®. Excellent durability and traction One of the best trail tracks ever offered and still a bestsellertoday, with rigid, hard-wearing lugs for mile after mile ofdependable use. A wide range of sizes fits many...
    Rigid lugs provide superior handling, acceleration, and braking on groomed trailsNarrow lug base for reduced rolling resistance and maximum top speed
    $629.95 - $899.00
  • Camso® - Ice Attak™ Track
    Camso®Ice Attak™ Track
    # sp144692
    Ice Attak™ Track by Camso®. Top handling and speed for trail cruising. Popular with trail cruisers, with tried and tested sharp-tip studs. An excellent choice for snowmobiles that cannot fit taller tracks, its conceived to deliver...
    Factory pre-studded with aggressive 31-point stud patternHackSaw-based lug design for good top speed and handling on hard-pack snow
    $879.00 - $969.00
  • Camso® - Sno X™ Track
    Camso®Sno X™ Track
    # sp144705
    Sno X™ Track by Camso®. A whole lot of holeshot. High-performance designs, custom-tailored for snocross competition and tested and proven by professional race teams. Firm lugs and specialty rubber compounds provide the best holeshots,...
    Calculated lug stiffness for best holeshotISR approved for use in mod class
    $539.00 - $1,059.00
  • Camso® - Intense™ Track
    Camso®Intense™ Track
    # sp144698
    Intense™ Track by Camso®. Purely driven by snow. Featuring a 1.5 lug height for on/off-trail riders, this long-time favourite has a proven record of performance and durability. Excellent performer in all types of snow conditions.
    Saw-tooth-tipped lugs provide excellent handling, acceleration, and braking on packed trailsV-shaped and full lugs for excellent traction in soft, loose snow
    $799.00 - $869.00
  • Camso® - Ice Storm 150™ Track
    Camso®Ice Storm 150™ Track
    # sp167379
    Ice Storm 150™ Track by Camso®. With its factory-installed studs, the Camso Ice Storm 150 makes precise turns on icy hills, packed snow and groomed trails, powering you through the most challenging conditions with ease.And Camso's...
    Factory pre-studded for improved traction and control on ice conditions1.25" outer lugs provide power through the tightest turns with ease, maintaining momentum and rider control
    $899.00 - $1,089.00
  • Camso® - Peak 2.5™ Track
    Camso®Peak 2.5™ Track
    # sp144699
    Peak 2.5™ Track by Camso®. Traction for a variety of applications Performs across a wide variety of snow conditions with 2.5 angular lugs. Funnels snow under your snowmobile for extra traction and outstanding flotation.
    Angular lugs bite big and funnel snow under snowmobile for outstanding flotationAvailable with soft lugs for powder snow and hard lugs for heavy/wet snow
    $999.00 - $1,139.00
  • PPD® - Idler Wheel
    PPD®Idler Wheel
    # 1398491555
    UniversalIdler Wheel by PPD®. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Manufactured from industry-leading...
    Puncture resistance and elasticityProven to deliver excellent resistance to wear and tear
    $16.64 - $50.06
  • Camso® - RipSaw 1.5™ Track
    Camso®RipSaw 1.5™ Track
    # sp144700
    RipSaw 1.5™ Track by Camso®. Off trail means rough riding. You need a tough track with extra traction for ditch line running, boondocking, and cross-country racing in deep snow and unprepared or non-maintained conditions. Give your...
    1.5" lugs provide aggressive traction for crossover riders who prefer on-trail ridingAggressive angled lugs offer outstanding forward and lateral bite on groomed trails
  • PPD® - Arctic Cat Style Bushing Insert
    PPD®Arctic Cat Style Bushing Insert
    # 2257121437
    UniversalArctic Cat Style Bushing Insert by PPD®. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Manufactured from...
    Puncture resistance and elasticityProven to deliver excellent resistance to wear and tear
    $1.04 - $2.78

Whether you’re a spontaneous trail warrior or veteran rock crawler, die-hard snowmobiler or anyone else wild at heart, we’ve got the rack system and components to let you conquer the most unforgiving trails with confidence. From tracks, boggie and idler wheels to track studs and cleats to stud backing plates, you’ll find everything to have peace of mind when coasting through snow, mud, and sand. Built tough as nails for just about any challenge, track systems deliver outstanding traction, flotation and stability on rough & rocky terrain. Choose durable, yet light hardened aluminum alloy, performance billet or hard-wearing polyurethane bogie and idler wheels designed to withstand the most extreme operating condition and make your tacks turn easily and smoothly. They come complete with long-lasting bearings providing top-notch performance.

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