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In 1960, Edgar Hetteen, president and founder of Polaris Industries in Roseau, Minnesota, led a group of men riding 3 of his company’s snowmobiles on a 3-week, 1000 mile journey from Bethel to Fairbanks, Alaska. Up to that time Polaris’ clientele had purchased their snowmobiles for utilitarian purposes. Hetteen wanted to expand the market and attract recreational users, and he thought that such a trip would be the perfect way to get some publicity and display his machines’ leisure time capabilities. The trip was written up in newspapers and magazines, and Hetteen considered the venture a success, however when he returned to Roseau he found that the company’s investors did not share his enthusiasm. They felt that the trip was unnecessary and that he should not have been away from the company for that long. Edgar Hetteen didn’t want to answer to men who didn’t share his vision, so he left Polaris and with new backers from Thief River Falls, Minnesota, started Polar Manufacturing in 1961. A year later the company was renamed Arctic Enterprises, Inc. and produced the first Arctic Cat snowmobile. Today Arctic Cat is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of snowmobiles and ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles). In January 2017 Arctic Cat became a subsidiary of industrial conglomerate Textron.

The first sleds manufactured by Edgar Hetteen’s new company were rear-engine machines similar to the designs he had made while with Polaris. However, in the early 1960s the Canadian company Bombardier was popularizing a new type of sporty snowmobile with their front-engine Ski-Doo. While Arctic continued to produce rear-engine machines for certain applications, they introduced their own front-engine sport sled, the Arctic Cat 100, in 1963, the first of this type made in the United States. At the same time the company began establishing a distribution network. But although a variety of machines and a number of distributors resulted in increased sales, profits were not growing at the same rate, and Edgar Hetteen stepped down in 1965. Lowell Swenson took over as president and under his leadership the company developed groundbreaking technologies and machines that boosted both sales and profits.

Up until 1966 all snowmobiles used bogie wheel rear suspension systems, which while simple and economical, provided a bumpy ride and less than ideal handling. That year Arctic Cat devised their revolutionary parallel slide rail suspension system, which suspended the machine with slide rails on the track instead of bogie wheels. Instead of following the curve of the bogie wheels the track could stay flat and bridge stutter bumps for a smoother ride. This new suspension was first used on the all-new design 1966 Arctic Cat Panther. Along with the suspension, the Panther had an aluminum chassis with the engine positioned further forward and lower. The resulting lower center of gravity, increased weight on the front skis, and superior suspension set new standards for snowmobile performance and all of Arctic Cat’s competitors would eventually copy this chassis design. Variations of the Panther would remain in the Arctic Cat lineup for many years.

From the earliest days Arctic Cat went racing to prove how well their sleds performed and competition successes appeared frequently in their advertising. In the early 1970s the company showed they were the leaders in performance snowmobiling with a succession of snow-going streamliners called Boss Cats, built expressly to set snowmobile world speed records. Boss Cat I had an 800cc Kawasaki engine that, coupled with a Turbonique rocket booster, made 1000 horsepower, and propelled the machine to 126 mph in 1971. The following year Boss Cat II, powered by an alcohol burning, supercharged and fuel injected 375 cubic inch small block Chevy, went 130 mph. The final machine, Boss Cat III, was closest to being an actual snowmobile, as it was powered by four highly-modified 650cc Kawasaki engines similar to the type used on the production EXT snowmobiles. With this combination Boss Cat III went 123 mph.

Up until the early 1970s Arctic Cat used engines from various suppliers including Kohler, Onan, Hirth, JLO, and Sachs. There were even a few models powered by Wankel rotary engines. But beginning in 1970 the company gradually switched to first Kawasaki and then Suzuki powerplants. In addition to the Panther other models were introduced during the ‘70s including the Puma, EXT, Cheetah, El Tigre, Pantera, and Jag. There were sleds for every purpose and skill level from the kid-sized Kitty Cat and value-priced Lynx to all-out racing models like the Sno Pro. Independent Front Suspension (IFS) was introduced on the 1978 Trail Cat. However, by the end of the decade Arctic Cat became a victim of the downturn in the snowmobile market brought on by recession and rising fuel prices, and in 1982 the company went bankrupt.

Two years later a group of former employees and managers reformed the company under the Arctco name and resumed production of Panthers and El Tigres. From the start the new company quickly indicated it would not just be rehashing old models and the 1984 El Tigre debuted with progressive rate A-frame front suspension and long-travel rear suspension. Production gradually ramped up through the ‘80s, first with earlier nameplates like the Cheetah and Jag, and then with new models like the high-performance liquid-cooled 650cc Wildcat. In 1990 the Prowler was introduced, which along with its long-travel rear suspension became the first Arctic Cat sled with double-wishbone front suspension, which the company dubbed AWS (Arctic Wishbone Suspension). One year later the 700c Wildcat became the first Arctic Cat snowmobile with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection). The high-performance 1993 Thundercat featured the largest engine yet installed in an Arctic Cat sled, a 900cc liquid-cooled Suzuki 2-stroke triple. That year also saw the debut of the ZR series, a lightweight sled with a race-bred chassis and performance components like Wilwood hydraulic disc brakes and Fox gas shocks. In 1996 the company name was changed back to Arctic Cat.

Over the years Arctic Cat continued to refine their snowmobiles with updated versions of the AWS and long-travel rear suspension, as well as additions like flat-slide Mikuni carbs, digital ignition and batteryless EFI on their 2-stroke engines. In 2003 the Firecat line debuted including the legendary high-performance F7. In the early 2000s government regulations restricting snowmobile use on certain public lands went into effect because of noise and emissions from 2-stroke engines. In response Arctic Cat began offering sleds with 4-stroke powerplants. In 2007 the twin-spar chassis was introduced along with a high-performance 1056cc 4-stroke engine, which was turbocharged 2 years later to produce 177 horsepower.

The current Arctic Cat snowmobile lineup starts with the ZR120, designed for young riders, complete with safety flag and tether switch. The Trail ZR series models feature lightweight chassis, race-tuned suspensions and a range of available engines including a 180 horsepower turbocharged 4-stroke 3-cylinder. The Crossover XF series sleds allow you to tailor chassis, suspension, and engine setups to riding conditions. The Mountain M series sleds features chassis, suspension, and skis designed to conquer mountainous terrain, while the Utility Bearcat has the versatility to excel at work and play with features like a rear rack and pintle hitch. The Trail Touring series is available with features to help you do long distances in style and comfort including large capacity fuel tank, heated hand grips and seat, backrest and detachable luggage.

In an effort to diversify their product line, in 1996 Arctic Cat entered the ATV market with the single cylinder, liquid-cooled 454cc Bearcat. The 4x4 Bearcat’s Suzuki-built engine was larger than most of its competitors, and also had longer travel suspension and more ground clearance. It also featured a limited slip front differential for real full-time four-wheel drive, shaft drive, and semi-independent suspension that provided the articulation needed for uneven terrain. Subsequent model ATVs were available in a range of engine sizes and with both 4-wheel and 2-wheel drive. In 2000 an automatic transmission was introduced on the Arctic Cat 500 4x4. A special hunter’s model 500 4x4 was first offered in 2001 that featured camo fender covers, a 2000 lb. Warn winch, and a lockable gun scabbard. The following year the company began offering an entry-level line of smaller ATVs with engines made by Kymco. In 2003 the MRP (Multi-Rack Platform was first offered, which allowed the 400 and 500 MRP automatic 4x4s to be fitted with accessories that configured them for camping, hunting, ranching, waterfowl hunting, or fishing. A Kawasaki-built 650cc V-twin became available in 2004.

In 2005 Arctic Cat ATVs were completely redesigned with new TBX and TRV models. This was also the first year that an in-house 641cc Arctic Cat-built engine was first offered. The following year the 700 EFI became the first Arctic Cat ATV with electronic fuel injection. 2006 was also the year that Arctic Cat’s first SBS (Side-By-Side) debuted, the 641cc single-cylinder 4-stroke 4x4 Prowler, which featured disc brakes, digital instrumentation, bucket seats, and large capacity tilting cargo box. In 2007 Arctic Cat produced its 500,000th ATV and also became the first ATV manufacturer to offer a diesel engine option. A high-performance 951cc V-twin gas engine was first offered in the 2008 Thundercat ATV. In 2012 the Wildcat was introduced as Arctic Cat’s entry in the performance SBS class, and the initial 2-seat models were joined by 4-seaters in 2015. Just as they had done with their snowmobiles, Arctic Cat went racing with their ATVs and in 2015 launched a SBS racing series as a support class at Stadium Super Truck racing events.

Arctic Cat’s current lineup of ATVs starts with the DVX 90, 90, and 150 with features like an automatic transmission that make them easy to handle for young riders. The XC 450 Sport comes with a 443cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, shift on the fly 4WD, digital gauges and double A-arm suspension. The hard-working TBX 700 EPS utility ATV has a powerful EFI 695cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, electric front differential lock, electronic power steering, rear 2-in. hitch receiver, 100 lb. capacity front rack and 300 lb. capacity tilting rear cargo box. The Mudpro competition ATV is available with EFI 695cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine or EFI 951cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine, and also features race-inspired suspension, heavy-duty front and rear bumpers and snorkel air intake. For 2-up work or play there are the TRV 500 and TRV 700 and 1000 XT, which feature comfortable ergonomics, and electronic power steering and suspension that make them easy to handle. The Alterra series features engines from 270cc up to 695cc and available features like a front differential lock, or for big bore power go with the 1000 XT EPS, with its 951cc V-twin engine.

Whether you’re looking for performance, recreation or utility, Arctic Cat side-by-sides deliver. The hard-working Arctic Cat XDX series vehicles come with room for as many as 6 people, with high payload cargo boxes, fully independent suspension, power steering, and disc brakes. For work and play, on and off the trail, the Prowler series excels with engines from 443cc to 951cc and features like an automotive style hood, dump-capable cargo box, halogen headlights with LED light bar, and tilt steering. And from trail riding to the ultimate in performance, there is a Wildcat for the job, with available performance features like racing-inspired bucket seats, adjustable shocks, 4-wheel disc brakes, race-inspired roll cage, and powerful EFI 951cc V-twin engine with 4 valves per cylinder.

Powersports brings lots of fun. Whether you are dashing through the mud or show, tearing up sand dunes, or hitting the water, you get thrill to the bone. In our inventory, we have everything you might require to have the best powersports experience possible. We take your fun seriously. We provide premium quality Arctic Cat parts and accessories you need to ride safely and in comfort. You can leave all your repair, upgrade, and customization needs to the professionals at We are proud to carry a selection of powersports products that is second to none.

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LXZ 570 SSZ1 1100Z1 1100 LXRZ1 Sno ProZ1 TurboZ1 Turbo EXTZ1 Turbo EXT LimitedZ1 Turbo LXRZ1 Turbo LXR LEZ1 Turbo Sno ProZ1 Turbo Sno Pro LimitedZL 440ZL 500ZL 500 ESRZL 550ZL 550 ESRZL 600ZL 600 ESRZL 600 SSZL 600 SS ESRZL 700ZL 800 ESRZL 800 SSZR 120ZR 200ZR 2KZR 3000ZR 3000 LXRZR 400ZR 4000 LXRZR 4000 RRZR 4000 Sno ProZR 440ZR 440 Sno ProZR 500ZR 500 ESRZR 500 LEZR 5000 LXRZR 580ZR 580 ETTZR 600ZR 600 Blair MorganZR 600 LEZR 600 LE ReverseZR 600 LE XCZR 600 VEVZR 6000ZR 6000 El TigreZR 6000 LimitedZR 6000 LXRZR 6000 R XCZR 6000 RRZR 6000 RSZR 6000 Sno ProZR 6000 Tucker Hibbert RRZR 700ZR 700 LEZR 700 LE ReverseZR 7000ZR 7000 El TigreZR 7000 LimitedZR 7000 LXRZR 7000 RRZR 7000 Sno ProZR 800ZR 800 LEZR 800 Sno ProZR 8000ZR 8000 El TigreZR 8000 LimitedZR 8000 LXRZR 8000 RRZR 8000 Sno ProZR 900ZR 900 Sno ProZR 9000 El TigreZR 9000 LimitedZR 9000 LXRZR 9000 RRZR 9000 Sno ProZR 9000 ThundercatZRT 600ZRT 600 LEZRT 800ZRT 800 LE
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