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POWERSPORTSiD Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a great holiday gift to give the ATV, UTV, snowmobile, or jet ski enthusiast you know? Here, our experts share 10 favorite reasonably-priced picks.
POWERSPORTSiD Holiday Gift Guide
Powersports Machines

If you’re not familiar with all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), jet skis, snowmobiles, or utility-terrain vehicles (UTVs), it’s difficult to know what the right holiday gifts would be for enthusiasts of those “powersport” vehicles. With this in mind, we suggest 10 reasonably priced products between $50 and $200 that have proven popular during the holiday season. Should you choose, we’ll be glad to ship any gifts you purchase directly to the recipient. And if you’re arranging a present from Santa to yourself, we understand. You deserve it.

1. Route Sheet Holders For Off-Road Motorcycles

Route Sheet Holders For Off-Road Motorcycles
The Enduro Engineering Route Sheet Holder, similar to those used in enduro off-road competition racing.

If your favorite trail rider enjoys competitive racing over pre-determined courses, they'll benefit from items found in our Powersports Navigation System Accessories section where we offer navigation boxes, antennas, chargers, weather-proof carrying cases, and more.

If they'll be following printed directions from a typical route sheet, we recommend the Enduro Engineering handlebar mount Route Sheet Holder ($31) to keep them visible and protected from mud or other damage. To scroll the directions forward or backward, the user simply twists easy-to-use knobs on the side.

2. Cab Heater For UTVs

Cab Heater For UTVs

Getting out on the trails in a UTV is one of the best ways to enjoy the colors of autumn or the fun of blitzing through fresh snow. To combat cold and damp conditions, we offer a selection of portable heaters in our Powersports Cab Heaters section.

Our recommended best-value pick for keeping your friend or loved one warm in their travels is the bolt-on Cab Heater ($72) by Bronco ATV. Hardwired to the vehicle’s electrical system, this heater features an adjustable knob that lets the user dial in the exact amount of warmth desired.

3. Protective Seat Covers

Protective Seat Covers
The Rugged Ridge Fabric Seat Covers.

UTV and ATVs get dirty at the end of the day. Real dirty. Because there are no spray hoses on trails, we stress the importance of good quality seat covers available in our powersports seat covers section to protect soft seating areas most vulnerable to cuts, tears, and permanent stains.

Loading Ramp
Removing a dirty seat cover exposes a clean seat, keeping the driver clean.

For quality and value, our top pick is a set of custom-fitting Rugged Ridge Fabric Seat Covers ($108) that effectively keep mud out, making it easy to transform a dirty seat into a clean one merely by removing the cover. Upon returning home, the covers can be machine washed easily.

4. Hydration Backpacks

Hydration Backpacks
The Kriega Hydro-2 Hydration Backpack.

On a motorcycle, ATV, or jet ski, it’s all too easy to get dehydrated blasting around under a hot sun. We offer real-world solutions in our hydration packs section, where you’ll find specially-designed backpacks equipped with a water bladder, tube, and mouthpiece which allow the wearer to enjoy hands-free liquid refreshment any time.

We also offer individual liquid reservoirs ranging in size from 0.5 to 15 liters along with individual replacement tubes and valve components. Our top holiday pick for you: The Kriega Hydro-2 Hydration Backpack ($139).

5. Dry Bags

Dry Bags
The Nelson-Rigg Sahara Dry Duffle Bag.

When your favorite riders are out doing their thing, they always need waterproof storage carry bags. For this reason, we’ve got a “Dry Bags” section where you’ll find square- and round-shaped duffle bags purpose-built to remain 100% waterproof underwater.

From this category, we recommend the Nelson-Rigg Sahara Dry Duffle Bag ($107) designed for easy attachment to a motorcycle, UTV, ATV, or snowmobile. The bag has highly visible reflective sections, sturdy D-rings, and compression straps for reducing the bag’s overall size when necessary.

6. Self-Cleaning “Roll Off” Goggles

Self Cleaning Roll Off Goggles
The Risk Racing Ripper Automatic Roll-Off System.

Your favorite motorcycle, ATV, UTV, or snowmobile fanatic will tell you, it’s virtually impossible to wipe goggles clean while riding without letting go of the handlebars and throttle completely to use both hands. In our Goggles section, we've got specialized solutions that cleverly solve this problem.

For excellent results, we recommend The Ripper Automatic Roll-Off System by Risk Racing ($149) - a set of self-clearing goggles that can be easily activated with a pull handle or button on the side of the unit, or with a remote button mounted wherever the rider prefers.

7. Self-Cleaning “Tear-Off” Goggles

Self Cleaning Tear Off Goggles
The Dragon Alliance NFXs Goggles.

Also in our Goggles section, we offer another style of goggles that makes it extremely easy to clear mud and grit out of your field of vision. More specifically, Dragon Alliance’s NFXs Goggles ($135) are designed for fitment of a set of clear tear-off sheets - clear strips that cover the face of the goggles stacked 20 or 30 thick.

Tear Off Sheets For Goggles
An example of layered “tear-off” sheets.

When the rider’s vision gets blocked, one hand is used to tear the dirty top sheet off and expose the next clean layer underneath. In addition to great looks, these goggles also offer the benefit of a built-in Lexan anti-fog lens and hypoallergenic foam around the edges for comfort.

8. Illuminated LED Flag Holder

Illuminated LED Flag Holder
The Dragonfire Racing 72" Multicolor LED Whip with Remote.

In our ATV Flags, Banners, and Signs section, you'll find some great, iconic flags along with hardware and equipment necessary to mount them. Flags are often required safety equipment on ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, and other vehicles at many off-roading locations and state parks.

When it comes to flag holders to mount those flags on, we recommend the Dragonfire Racing 72" Multicolor LED Whip with Remote flexible flag holder ($149) with unique ability to light up the night with an array of colors. They're easy to spot from far away, and family members or friends equipped with them can set colors as desired to find one another.

9. Knee Braces

Knee Braces
The Alpinestars SX-1 Youth Knee Guards.

If you’ve got a young family member getting started in the world of powersports, they need the reinforced protection that a set of knee braces from our Knee & Ankle Protection section provides.  Painful knee injuries and torn ligaments happen often to younger riders learning how to master an ATV, UTV, snowmobile, or smaller motorbike.

For this, we recommend the Alpinestars SX-1 Youth Knee Guards ($89) with contoured rigid sections designed to pivot with the knees while preventing harmful twisting or bending of the leg. Strategically located perforations provide excellent airflow and breathability for additional comfort.

10. Protective Gloves For Youths

Protective Gloves For Youths
The Fly Racing Evolution DST Youth Gloves.

It’s simple - youngsters are prone to spills and falls. Whether it’s out of a tree, off a bicycle, playing sports, or otherwise, accidents happen more frequently to young men and women as they grow into their bodies. For this reason, we offer specially designed protective gloves for them in our MX & Off-Road Gloves section (select junior sizes).

For a premium level of hand protection at competitive price, we recommend Fly Racing’s Evolution DST Youth Gloves ($39.95 per pair) designed with thick, shred-resistant fabrics to withstand contact against gravel or rocks. Extra padding is also positioned strategically to protect knuckles and palms from fractures.

11. Bonus Gift Idea: The POWERSPORTSiD Gift Card


Still can’t decide? It’s hard to go wrong with a POWERSPORTSiD gift card that will bring the enjoyment of looking through our array of products with purpose and discovery. Plus, your friends or loved ones will gain the benefit of expert advice from our knowledgeable staff at no extra cost should they choose it.

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