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The Can-Am story is really two tales, chronicling different machines from separate eras – the Can-Am motocross and enduro bikes of the 1970s and 80s, and the Can-Am ATVs and three-wheeled Spyder motorcycles of more recent history. The constant through both narratives has been parent company Bombardier, the Canadian manufacturer best known for its Ski-Doo snowmobiles and Sea-Doo personal watercraft. Through changing times, markets and technology, Bombardier, through the Can-Am brand, continues to successfully apply its innovative design and quality construction to a wide range of powersports products.

In the early 1970s, off-road motorcycle riding and forms of competition like motocross and enduros were experiencing unprecedented popularity throughout the U.S. During the previous decade, lightweight, powerful, and good handling purpose-built dirt bikes from small European manufacturers had become available, providing off-road riders with levels of performance that were beyond the capabilities of the older, heavy and bulky British and American built machines they had been accustomed to. The big Japanese motorcycle companies also saw this burgeoning market and, after flooding the U.S. with inexpensive, reliable street bikes during the 1960s, turned their attention to the dirt, building full lines of dual-purpose (dirt/street) and dedicated motocross racers in displacements from under 100cc for beginners to 400cc and 500cc machines for experienced riders.

Bombardier wanted in on the action, but although they had demonstrated proficiency making recreational vehicles with their snowmobiles, they had no motorcycle building experience, and so assembled a team of American and Canadian experts led by noted motorcycle racing engine parts designer and manufacturer Gary Robison and former motocross world champion Jeff Smith, to develop Can-Am motorcycles. Prototypes were successfully tested in motocross competition in 1972, with production MX (motocross) and enduro T’NT (Track aNd Trail) 125cc and 175cc models debuting the following year. Can-Am motorcycles featured numerous innovations that set them apart from other brands. Their Rotax 2-stroke engines used precise rotary valve induction instead of the piston port induction that was common on most 2-strokes, and the engine lubricating oil was injected instead of having to be pre-mixed with the fuel. The MIG-welded chromoly steel frame incorporated a tank in the frame backbone for the lubricating oil, and the steering head was adjustable so the caster angle could be changed.

Bombardier determined that racing success would be the fastest way for the Can-Am brand to become well-known. The subsequent Can-Am factory motocross team was assembled from the top riders of the day, including Marty Tripes and Jimmy Ellis; they were even able to lure reigning AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) 250cc champion Gary Jones away from Honda. This strategy paid off handsomely as Jones, Tripes, and Ellis swept the top 3 places in the 1974 AMA 250cc motocross season standings. Can-Am enjoyed racing and sales success over the next few years, but then Bombardier turned their attention to making products for the transit equipment industry and significantly reduced investment in the motorcycle division. With little money available for development, Can-Ams quickly went from being innovative to outdated, and both race wins and sales subsequently diminished. In 1983 Bombardier licensed the Can-Am brand and outsourced development and production to Armstrong-CCM motorcycles of England. The last Can-Am badged motorcycle was built in 1987.

Just as off-road motorcycles had flourished in the 1970s, ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) experienced a similar boom in the 1980s. The first ATVs were 3-wheelers, but just having that extra wheel gave the machine the low-speed stability that attracted those who wanted to experience fun in the dirt but did not feel secure on a motorcycle. But although not tipping over at low speed inspired confidence in inexperienced riders, 3-wheelers were not as stable at high speed, and many of those same operators ended up injured from accidents. 3-wheel ATVs were banned in the U.S. in 1988 but by that time most manufacturers had already begun building 4-wheel models. Performance models of both types were developed, with larger and more powerful engines, long-travel suspensions, disc brakes, and of course, four-wheel drive on 4-wheel models. In addition to the pure fun of trail riding, the ability of ATVs to carry more cargo than a motorcycle, especially 4WD models that can go just about anywhere, have also made them appealing to outdoorsman like hunters, as well as farmers and ranchers. Working 4WD ATVs spawned UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles), 4WD off-road vehicles with side-by-side seating that also have rollover protection, cargo boxes and higher payload capacity.

In 1998 Bombardier entered the ATV market with the 500cc single-cylinder 4-stroke liquid cooled Traxter. Just as they had done earlier with dirt bikes, the company brought innovative engineering to this new venture. The Traxter had a unique, ergonomic “step-through” design that made it much easier to mount and dismount than conventional ATVs, especially when loaded with cargo. To achieve this the gas tank was moved forward and the engine located under the seat. Removing the seat allowed easy access to the engine for service. The radiator was mounted in the rear, which enabled Bombardier to create an enclosed cargo compartment in the front. The Traxter featured a 5-speed transmission and full-time 4WD, and a large fuel tank for extended range. ATV magazine was so impressed with the Traxter that they named it ATV of the year. In succeeding years Bombardier added the sporty, performance oriented DS650 to the lineup, followed by the Quest, a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) equipped 650 intended to combine the performance of the DS650 with the utility of the Traxter, and the Traxter MAX, the first 2-rider ATV.

In 2003, Bombardier Inc. sold the recreational products division to a group of investors. The new company, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), retained rights to the sprocket wheel logo as well as all of the recreational product brands. The same year the new Bombardier Outlander was named ATV of the year by ATV magazine. In 2006 all Bombardier ATVs were rebranded Can-Ams. The current Can-Am ATV lineup boasts 66 models, in sizes and with features to suit every type of rider. Choose from the Outlander, Commander, Defender, Maverick, Renegade, and DS, each available with a range of engine sizes and features. Whether you’re looking for an entry level ATV for a young rider, a sport 4x4, or a utility model, Can-Am has the right machine.

Young riders can learn without having to master gearshifts with the DS70 and DS90, thanks to their CVT transmissions. The versatile Outlander can be configured for work or play, for hunting or to conquer the deepest mud, for solo or 2-up riding, and even with 6 wheels and 6WD. If you want unrivaled performance the Renegade is the most powerful ATV on the market, or enjoy performance with friends on the powerful Maverick, available with 2 or 4 seats. The Commander delivers performance and utility in 2-seat and 4-seat models, but if you need the hardest working utility in the business go for the Defender, with pickup truck inspired 40/20/40 bench seating and versatile cargo box with tailgate that dumps. You might actually think you’re riding in a truck when you’re in the top of the line Defender XT Cab, which features full hard roof, full doors with power windows, analog/digital gauge cluster, integrated heater, power steering, winch, locking rear differential, and large 14-inch wheels.

Shortly after reviving the Can-Am name, Bombardier affixed it to its first road-only vehicle, the 2007 Can-Am Spyder motorcycle. Although officially called a “Roadster”, the Spyder is really a 3-wheeled motorcycle, but unlike the “trikes” made by other manufacturers that steer with one wheel, the Spyder has 2 wheels in front and delivers power to the road through a single rear wheel. This configuration is a natural one for Bombardier to build, because it is similar to the layout of a snowmobile, which steers using 2 skis at the front and drives through a single continuous track. This setup is also ideal for older and physically challenged riders who want to enjoy the fun and freedom of motorcycling without having to worry about balancing a heavy machine at low speeds and stoplights. Along with this inherently safer design, the Spyder also comes with automotive-derived safety features including ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), traction control, and stability control.

There are 2 basic Spyder models, the sporty F3 with a cruiser-style, legs forward riding position, and the Spyder RT with its classic upright seating position. The Spyder F3 is available in standard, F3-S, F3-T, and F3 Limited trim. All models are powered by a fuel-injected Rotax 998cc in-line 3-cylinder, liquid cooled 4-stroke engine that produces 105 horsepower in the F3, and 115 horsepower in the F3-S, F3-T, and F3 Limited. All F3s come with a choice of manual 6-speed or semi-automatic transmission except for the F3 Limited, which comes with the semi-automatic as standard equipment. With their low center of gravity and performance calibrated vehicle stability systems all F3s exhibit exceptional handling and cornering. The F3-S takes performance to another level with Sport Mode adjustable stability control, sport-tuned gas shocks, upgraded styling and machined front wheels. The F3-T adds adjustable rear air suspension, integrated side cases, and 4-speaker audio system. The F3 Limited is the ultimate version of the F3 with electronic rear air suspension, heated driver and passenger grips and footboards, removable rear top case, and special chrome front wheels.

The RT is the most comfortable and luxurious Spyder, made for long range touring and available in 3 trim levels, standard RT, RT-S, and RT Limited, all powered by the same 115 horsepower engine as the higher trim level F3s. The base RT is available with manual 6-speed or semi-automatic transmission, while the RT-S and RT Limited have the semi-automatic as standard equipment. The RTs are built for the long haul, with comfortable saddles with lumbar support and passenger backrests, heated hand grips, cruise control, electrically adjustable windshields, premium audio systems and lots of cargo room. They’re setup for trailer towing as well, complete with plug-in module that adds a trailer towing mode to the vehicle stability system. The Spyder RT-S adds adjustable rear air suspension, heated passenger grips, rider footboards, fog lamps, LED accent lights, and black 12-spoke front wheels. In addition to the aforementioned features, the top of the line RT Limited comes with a Garmin GPS, 12-spoke chrome front wheels, embroidered seat, and removable rolling cargo bag.

Powersports brings lots of fun. Whether you are dashing through the mud or show, tearing up sand dunes, or hitting the water, you get thrill to the bone. In our inventory, we have everything you might require to have the best powersports experience possible. We take your fun seriously. We provide premium quality Can-Am parts and accessories you need to ride safely and in comfort. You can leave all your repair, upgrade, and customization needs to the professionals at We are proud to carry a selection of powersports products that is second to none.

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